Making a Difference

Empower Kids South Sudan is an effort by determined, caring philanthropists and business people who care enough to help the disadvantaged people of the world’s newest country, South Sudan. We are just beginning this journey. Join us and be part of the positive change bringing new hope to thousands in need.

Recent Initiatives

  • Education
    Days for Girls

    Days for Girls International (DfG) increases access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilizing volunteers, and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigmas and limitations for women and girls.

  • Solar

    SolarSPELL is a portable, solar-powered educational learning library that is becoming an educational “game changer” in remote areas where no internet or reliable electric power exists.

  • Peace
    Peace Essays

    South Sudan has been a war-torn place for decades. When independence from Sudan in 2011 became a reality, the hope for this newest country was to begin a process of healing…

  • Education

    Knowledge will be the basic building block that enables all that the South Sudanese strive to achieve. With no advanced educational institutions in South Sudan, we continue to sponsor bright young students to attend Bridge 2 Rwanda in preparation for…

  • Kids splashing water
    Aqua Africa

    Clean drinking water is nearly non-existent in South Sudan. Worse, people spend many hours each day walking to water sources to fill jugs…

  • Solar
    Solarizing Schools

    There is no power grid in the entirety of South Sudan. Teachers in every school rely on the light of the sun to begin the day’s lessons and ends when the sun sets. To overcome this limitation, we have begun solarizing…

  • Education
    Education Fellows

    In an effort to help jump-start South Sudan’s capacity to deliver higher quality outcomes from their schools, we funded 14 teachers from both private and public schools to study 21st century teaching techniques for one semester at Arizona State University…