Solarizing Schools

Enriching students' education with electricity



Electricity is virtually non-existent in the schools of South Sudan. Teaching relies on the light of the sun to start the day’s lessons and ends when the sun sets each day. Launching our efforts to bring light and power into the classrooms of South Sudan, we selected Nimule Model Secondary School (400+ girls and boys) as our first target. With that success behind us, we solarized Juba Girl’s School (700+ girls) and Fulla Senior Secondary School (400+ girls and boys).

Recent Progress

How It Works

At Empower Kids, every initiative meets an important need for those living in South Sudan.

  • What it is

    Since electricity is non-existent in the schools of South Sudan, we are determined to bring solar power to as many schools as possible. Thus far, we have solarized Nimule Model Secondary School and Juba Girl's School. Our next target: Fulla Senior Secondary School.

  • Why it's important

    It is critical to provide dependable power to schools in South Sudan, setting the foundation for computers — which are now on our horizon.

  • What's next

    Following the solarization at Full Senior Secondary School, we intend to provide solar power to a minimum of one school per year.

Your Support Matters

With your financial support, we can work together to empower a new generation of South Sudanese people — in an effort to establish a much higher level of knowledge as they rebuild their country. 100 cents of every dollar you provide goes directly to our initiatives.