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The majority of South Sudan’s population walk many miles every day with jugs on their heads to get water, much of which must then be boiled before it can be used for drinking or cooking. Of the 17 tropical diseases recognized by the World Health Organization, all exist in South Sudan, which is why all of us at Empower Kids South Sudan agreed to fund our first major water project in Nimule, South Sudan, selecting Aqua Africa as our project partner.

In early 2018, we drilled our 3rd well in Nzara in the Southwest part of South Sudan. Our water tower stands 10 meters into the sky with a 25,000-liter storage stank. The tower is equipped with five dispensing points throughout the community and is capable of providing clean water to 3,000 people/day.

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Recent Progress

How It Works

At Empower Kids, every initiative meets an important need for those living in South Sudan.

  • What it is

    In conjunction with Aqua Africa, Empower Kids South Sudan is determined to bring safe, clean, potable well water to as many communities as possible as quickly as we can. Since funding is critical to our mission, we are working to expand support through increased awareness in the U.S.

  • Why it's important

    Every day of every week, the majority of 11 million South Sudanese have to haul or carry water long distances and then boil it before using it for drinking or cooking. Of the 17 tropical diseases recognized by the World Health Organization, all exist in South Sudan in large part because of unsanitary water.

  • What's next

    With the success of our first three wells in Nimule, Nimule Hospital, and Yambio/Nzara, we plan to drill our next well in Hiyala where we will impact the lives of 12,000 people every day. The water tower will be powered using both solar power and storage batteries.

Your Support Matters

With your financial support, we can work together to empower a new generation of South Sudanese people — in an effort to establish a much higher level of knowledge as they rebuild their country. 100 cents of every dollar you provide goes directly to our initiatives.