Peace Essays



In an effort to help change the conversation in South Sudan, we initiated a PEACE ESSAY competition within secondary schools. Knowing the younger generation is tired of conflict and wants to move forward in life — seeking their hopes and dreams in a safe place called “home” — we take the winning essays from the school where the contests have been conducted and distribute them to the leaders in government, Western embassies, Cabinet Ministers, churches, and the media in an effort to communicate what is on the minds of those who are following in their foot-steps and will be taking over their positions in due time.

Recent Progress

How It Works

At Empower Kids, every initiative meets an important need for those living in South Sudan.

  • What It Is

    This essay-writing contest rewards the best-written essays in each secondary school with a cash reward, a PEACE T-shirt, a certificate, and a photo of the 5 best boys and 5 best girls in the school.

  • Why It's Important

    The importance of this initiative cannot be overstated. These people have experienced war for decades. It is time for reconciliation and healing— and we hope our PEACE initiative can be a stimulus that leads in that direction, sooner rather than later.

  • What's Next

    Our essay-writing contest will be introduced to more and more secondary schools throughout South Sudan. Additionally, we intend to share the winning essays with those in positions of leadership in an effort to let them hear directly from those who are coming behind them and will be assuming leadership positions henceforth.

Winning Essays

Your Support Matters

With your financial support, we can work together to empower a new generation of South Sudanese people — in an effort to establish a much higher level of knowledge as they rebuild their country. 100 cents of every dollar you provide goes directly to our initiatives.