Empowering the future
of South Sudan

The people in South Sudan gained their independence as the world’s newest country on July 9, 2011. The initiatives within Empower Kids South Sudan are but several examples of how we can help these people begin to enjoy the many “fruits” in this 21st century.

Why South Sudan?

The stories about The Lost Boys of South Sudan are compelling. However, those stories are but a fraction of the realities of being South Sudanese that millions of men, women, and children have been facing since 1956 when war erupted between the North and the South.One of the many realities today in South Sudan: the total lack of any infra-structure (no electrical grid, no water, or sewer system). Another reality: the millions who have been displaced from their homes and villages— and still are to this day. Read the Story ›

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  • 1.2k+

    1,200+ students' education is now enriched by the electricity our solar panels generate every day.

  • 3k+

    The newly installed water tower impacts 3,000+ families every day.

  • 16

    We have funded 16 very bright students into Bridge2Rwanda. 100% have earned full scholarships to university.

Ed Eisele

What can we do to begin re-building South Sudan, in an effort to make an immediate difference for the men, women, and children whose mere hope is for a life that includes having some of the basics that we Americans sometimes take for granted?

Ed Eisele
Empower Kids South Sudan

Help Make a Difference

With your aid, we can work together to empower a generation and help the South Sudanese people rebuild their lives and communities.