Solarizing Schools

Nimule Model Secondary School

Electricity is non-existent in the schools of South Sudan. Teaching depends upon the morning sunlight to start the day—and continues until the sun sets that afternoon. In an effort to bring lights into classrooms in South Sudan, we selected Nimule Model Secondary School as our first target. NMSS currently has nearly 400 young boys and girls attending 7th–12th grade classes.

Now that we have electricity at this school, our next step will see 10 brand-new computers installed into a secure Computer Lab, once reliable broad band reception becomes available. Once this is completed, NMSS will be able to connect with institutions like Arizona State University’s SkySong distance learning platform as we strive to provide 21st century content for their course offerings.

Juba Girl’s School

Our next target is Juba Girl’s School, situated in the Capital of South Sudan. With over 750 young ladies attending this well-respected secondary school, we will solarize their six buildings, to be followed with 25 new computers with the same expectations as Nimule: getting connected to the internet so that they can begin accessing websites like ASU’s for course content.