SolarSPELL is a portable, solar-powered educational learning library that is becoming an educational “game changer” in remote areas where no internet or reliable electric power exists.

Recent Progress

How It Works

At Empower Kids, every initiative meets an important need for those living in South Sudan.

  • What it is

    The SolarSPELL digital library houses open-access educational resources, with information that is localized to the communities receiving libraries, and the resources are delivered over an offline WiFi hotspot. Any WiFi capable device can connect to the hotspot. Library users then have unlimited access to relevant educational material that they can search and surf for free, and are able to download any of the content directly onto their devices for continued access when no longer connected to the SolarSPELL server. No electricity, internet, or data is required for operation.

  • Why it's important

    Access to quality education is difficult in resource-constrained locations, like South Sudan, due to a variety of barriers, including unreliable or non-existent access to the Internet and electricity. The SolarSPELL allows us to increase access to information for schools and students who are situated in areas where there is no internet or electricity. Furthermore, the SolarSPELL digital library is designed to mimic an online experience to build information literacy and technology skills in a safe, offline environment.

  • What next

    Following our initial tests in South Sudan, and working with the Ministry of Education, we hope to “roll-out” SolarSPELL units to as many schools as quickly as funding allows.

Your Support Matters

With your financial support, we can work together to empower a new generation of South Sudanese people — in an effort to establish a much higher level of knowledge as they rebuild their country. 100 cents of every dollar you provide goes directly to our initiatives.